Marketers Struggle with Agility in Fast-Evolving MarTech Landscape | B2B Marketing

As marketers continue to integrate marketing technology into their strategies, new research shows that they believe it is quickly evolving.

Walker Sands recently conducted the “State of Martech 2018” report and discovered that most marketers (48 percent) believe that the marketing technology has “evolved rapidly” over the past three years. In addition, most respondents (37 percent) claim that their company's use of marketing technology has grown steadily over the same time period.

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As the marketing technology landscape quickly shifts, not all marketers believe their companies are fully prepared for changes. Most marketers (46 percent) say that their company is only “somewhat agile” when it comes to its ability to add new solutions to its marketing technology stack and nearly one-third (31 percent) say their business is “not very agile” at all.

That being said, marketers themselves are still confident in their own ability to utilize martech. Fifty-three percent of respondents stated that their technology skills are at least “adequate.”

“We've seen over the last three years that marketers to keep up with the new marketing technology, and it's resulted in a lot of frustration in the past,” said Jennifer Mulligan, marketing technology account director at Walker Sands. “Although the rate of innovation hasn't slowed down, marketers are feeling more confident in their ability to best use new tools.”

MarTech Proficiency among Leading Marketers

Not all marketers are proficient in martech, according to previous research, but CMOs appear to lead the pack when it comes to understanding how to leverage this technology.

Wipro Digital recently conducted a survey to determine how confident executive marketers are in martech. Only six percent believed that their marketing team was martech conversant. However, 75 percent stated that they were confident in their own proficiency.

Approximately 84 percent of survey respondents said that their company now has reskilling programs in place.

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