Nerds rule in NerdWallet’s first campaign from Argonaut | Advertising

Nerds rule in NerdWallet’s first campaign from Argonaut | Advertising, ONLY infoTech

NerdWallet is taking advantage of the cultural coolness of nerds by placing them at the forefront of its new . When life’s financial decisions, like choosing a credit card, saving for retirement, or deciding what to do with a work bonus get consumers confused, they’re urged to “turn to the nerds.” A series of spots will debut on broadcast TV and digitally beginning today.

While the nine-year-old site has run campaigns before18 months ago, it promoted its credit card comparison knowledgethis is its comprehensive push that details all of the brand’s offerings beyond just credit cards, says Alison McGlone, head of brand marketing at San Francisco-based NerdWallet.

“We’re evolving beyond credit cards,” she says. “In the last couple years we’ve seen a lot of traction and interest from consumers so it felt like the right time to tell consumers we’re here for everything.”

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