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Here’s one way to sell newspapers in the digital age: Turn them into collectors’ items by slapping the logo of a super-trendy brand on the front page. The New York Post’s minimalistic cover wrap Monday featured the red logo of streetwear brand Supreme and a lot of white space. The papers were snapped up by Supreme fans and by people hoping to hawk them at a markup. As Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco writes, there were over 600 related eBay listings. “Given that Supreme is a youth-culture brand, and newspapers are for, well, the olds, the irony of all this not been lost on anyone in media,” he writes. Supreme’s move also sparked some interesting Twitter exchanges. A public servant in the U.K. was puzzled: “What is a supreme and why would I want to buy a paper without a story on the cover?” Someone else suggested: “Do Chipotle next.”

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