Ad Age’s Best Places to Work is open for submissions | Advertising

Ad Age’s Best Places to Work is open for submissions | Advertising, ONLY infoTech

To attract top talent, you need to be a company where people want to work. And while what you make or market help influence people’s opinions of you as an employer, they’re not nearly enough to prove your bona fides as a first-class workplace.

Ad Age’s Best to Work surveynow open for submissionsaims to find the best of the best. With our new partner, Latitude, we’re taking our deepest dive yet into the myriad factors that make up distinctive work environmentsplaces where employees can thrive and, in doing so, help bolster bottom lines.

Our new survey incorporates not just the usual (and no less important) areas of compensation and perks, opportunities for community involvement and, yes, whether there’s time built in for creative playtime, but those that assess your responsiveness to issues of sexism, racism and discrimination, the structures in place for employee advancement, your initiatives around diversity and inclusion, and the other components that go into the creation of holistic, multicultural workplaces.

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