Going high-touch in a high-tech world: Q&A with Zoom CMO Janine Pelosi | Advertising

Just about 50 years ago, futurist Alvin Toffler predicted that as our lives became increasingly dominated by technology, we’d feel an increased desire for human interactions. This “high-tech/high-touch” phenomenon is embodied in the rise of social networks, both of the virtual and physical variety (just look at the increase in associations and trade show attendance). It also helps explain the extraordinary success of video conferencing in general and more specifically, a seven-year old upstart called Zoom.

In speaking with Zoom’s , you can hear the echoes of Toffler’s advice. Rather than point out the attributes of its service, Zoom’s advertising focuses on the emotional connections you can make via their service. And rather than put all their dollars in digital, Zoom relies on outdoor to spread its “Meet Happy” gospel around the globe. Doing all their ad work in house and staying focused, Zoom enjoyed 135% user growth and 100% revenue growth in the past year. Toffler would be touched.

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