Alex Jones lost ground on Facebook and YouTube for months. Now InfoWars is starting from scratch | Advertising

Alex ’ channels on YouTube and Facebook were shrinking for before the panicky provocateur ultimately was shut down on the sites.

Jones, who is infamous for his frenzied political rants online, had been losing views since 2016, when he peaked with about 125 million monthly views in November, coinciding with the presidential election. In July of this year, the number of views on his videos was down to about 25 million, according to Tubular Labs, which tracks social media metrics.

The pressure on his audience size came as Facebook tuned its algorithm to show people more posts from their friends and family and fewer from media and web celebrities. At the same time, Facebook was trying to restrict the spread of disinformation, the kind that flooded the service during the 2016 election. Jones often falls under the category of inaccurate information, and sometimes outright deliberate disinformation.

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