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I'm new, and I want to learn more about YOU.

Jay tasked me with the job of doubling our blog traffic. ????

Considering how popular the blog already is, this is no easy task.

But we don't just want any traffic. We want quality traffic that turns into awesome clients and even better friends. So while I could simply turn on the listicle and how-to machine, and churn out new posts on every topic imaginable (statistics and tools posts, anyone?), we will be much more successful if we tailor our content to solving your problems and making your life better.

Here's a little background on our content evolution:

A New Editorial Strategy for Convince & Convert: Phase 1

Last November, the awesome Kelly Santina and Jess Ostroff explained an updated C&C content strategy, with 5 posts per week. Traffic was dipping, and the goal was to increase new and returning visitors. Traffic steadily increased, but there was more work to be done.

Convince & Convert Weekly Editorial Calendar: November 2017

Content Strategy: Phase 2

While visitors and views are nice, they don't mean a thing unless they turn into real relationships. So Jay, Jess, Kelly and the team refreshed the Convince & Convert content strategy again. Instead of posting 5 days per week, they reduced the number of weekly posts to 2 in order to allow our team to focus on improving the quality of original content and in-house research (check out our latest study on the Best University Websites for 2018).

The Consulting team backs up all client strategy with data and research, so our in-house content strategy should reflect that, too.

As Jay explained in his post last month, we're “we're not in the how-to business, we're in the ‘now what' business.” While I seriously love a nice how-to post for generating views and organic search traffic, there are already a variety of amazing resources for that, including MarketingProfs (my personal fav) and Content Marketing Institute.

Our content strategy should reflect what is unique and valuable about our company. And a great place to start? The work we do with many of the world's most interesting brands to solve large and thorny marketing and customer experience challenges. So we're creating more content based on client questions and experiences, and more content featuring our own in-house, first party research.

Content Strategy: Phase 3

And now here I am, mapping out our content calendar for Q3 and beyond.

My goal is to double our blog traffic and the number of quality leads we bring in on a monthly basis.

I already know who our clients are, but now I need to know who you are, trusty reader.

Are you more in the weeds or more in the C-suite? Do you market B2B or B2C? Are you in manufacturing, education, tourism, or something else entirely?

So please, take a minute and fill out our 60-second survey. We will analyze the results, and turn those findings into topics for our editorial calendar, a more effective content strategy, and perhaps even, a monthly reader's choice post where you, the reader, select the topic of one post per month.

If you include your email address, you will be entered to win a pass to Social Media Marketing World 2019 OR ConEx 2019—your choice! I'm sure we'll be there too.

So take the audience survey now. I can't wait to get to know you, and meet you IN person—if you are the lucky winner of the pass!

Winners will be notified on September 30.

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