Forget Instagram, Nestle wants you to take pictures of food for your health | Advertising

Nestle SA’s unit in Japan expects a fledgling business selling nutritional drinks and supplements to aging consumers to grow into a nearly $1 billion business within a decade as the food giant becomes the latest to employ genetics to market food.

The world’s biggest food company has seen increasing demand for a Japanese subscription program for nutrition that can cost about $600 a year for capsules and other products. Consumers send in photos of their plates of food via a smartphone chat application and the program’s AI pushes them to round out their meals with Nestle’s nutrient-boosted green teas and milk products. They can also complement the advice using DNA tests and blood samples.

Kozo Takaoka, the head of Nestle’s business in Japan, aims for the program to be another way the world’s largest food company can shift to healthier options and further away from processed foods and sugary treats, the executive said in an interview in Tokyo.

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