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It’s hard to believe World of Warcraft is still chugging along and while not as popular as it once was, still has a player base in the millions. for Azeroth, the game’s seventh expansion, arrived last month, which means it’s time for another instalment of Honest Game .

14 years on, you’d think the comedy well would be utterly dry for HGT, but no, the folks at Smosh Games managed to get a five-minute video out of Blizzard’s latest.

Battle For Azeroth Is More Exciting When You’re Horde

Man, why did I waste two weeks questing through boring green hills for the Alliance when I could have been exploring dinosaur-infested swamps as a mighty Cowadin? Even in the middle of the Battle for Azeroth, the Horde have it good.

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Sure, there’s a few gags about neckbeards and basements, but it quickly shifts into a good breakdown of how much the game has changed between 2004 and now, especially for those of us that haven’t played in almost a decade:

Experience the passage of time firsthand where long ago, WoW‘s endgame was a massive grind to make potions so you could survive a brutal raid and the most exciting thing that would happen was getting your corpse camped by a bored level.

But now it’s a modern MMO theme park full of sideshows and diversions, and do pretty much anything in the game that’s not on super-duper hard mode with a handful of randos you’ll never speak to again…

It’s not all fun and games though:

…in an experience that’s been so child-proofed an unborn foetus could play it.

Swings and roundabouts, I guess. Still, even if the video isn’t massively full of jokes, it does serve as a condensed look at WoW in 2018, which in itself is plenty interesting.


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