Game changing trends to look out for with Ai | Artificial intelligence

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I hate such articles with a passion. With only a superficial understanding of what is going on, they quote and then extrapolate from what experts say, all for the sake of hyping the hype train. Quick examples:

intelligence is still too sci-fi, too strange and, therefore, sometimes scary. When people learn to trust , it will make a true quantum leap in the way of general adoption and application.

This is not about education. This is about the current state of AI. How can people learn to trust AI when not even the experts understand it? Lack of explainability is a huge issue and research topic in AI right now. Success stories are not enough, especially when there are at least as many silent fail stories that we can’t even explain!

As we said already, AI can also create jobs, so a wise move would be to learn to manage AI-based tools.

I know you’ve had your fun with your truck driving and less-than-min-wage packing, but now you need to buckle up and learn some AI!

Sorry, don’t mean to sound too aggressive. It’s just my opinion that there are too many things wrong with this article.

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