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At this point, most of the tears that came along with the Infinity War end credits have dried up and fans are ready to look back on the movie fondly and theorize about what comes next. MCU fans who also happen to own a PS4 are even able to take the Infinity War Iron Spider suit for out on the city thanks to its inclusion in the new critically-acclaimed PS4 title: Spider-Man.

Many players earned the awesome high-tech suit thanks to securing a pre-order and the associated bonuses, but that’s not the only way to get a hold of the cinematic-inspired suit and its special powers. Any Spider-Man player can the Infinity War suit, it just takes a bit of work.

Here’s how to go about it…


Like all the suits in Spider-Man, the Infinity War  Iron Spider suit unlocks via level progression and then has an associated crafting cost. Players need to check off all of these boxes before they can unlock and craft this particular set of threads:

  • Reach level 31
  • Four crime tokens
  • Three base tokens
  • Three challenge tokens

Those resources should be very easy to obtain, assuming players are completing side missions as well as the game’s main story missions. Once the suit is unlocked and equipped, be sure to snap a selfie in Photo Mode to show off the special gear.

In addition to looking awesome, the Iron Spider suit also offers players a special combat ability that takes advantage of the suit’s iconic extra limbs. The extra limbs add some bonus damage to basic combos while they are active.

Be sure to check back for more Spider-Man , updates, and guides in the coming days. Until then, remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Spider-Man is available now on PS4.

Source: GameSpot

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