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Ways To Find Peace And Happiness In Today's Hectic World

Today’s doesn’t exactly facilitate zen, with negative news airing 24/7, technology becoming ever more inescapable, and many workplaces encouraging a hectic lifestyle.

Even in a rush, though, it’s possible to find moments of silence and personal connection. Here are some ways to do just that, without spending a penny! After all, inner peace and happiness can’t be bought.

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Take time to breathe amidst the rush

Many people operate according to a weekday-versus-weekend mentality, under which the entirety of each weekday is dedicated to working, and all opportunities for relaxation and peace are relegated to the weekend. But you’ll burn out if you don’t regularly stop to smell the roses. Even in a shift at work, there are opportunities – both within and outside of your allotted lunch breaks – to step back, move your body, clear your mind, and do something you enjoy for 5 minutes.

Get back to basics

When’s the last time you ran barefoot through the fields of wheat? Okay, wheat fields aren’t strictly necessary, but the point stands: kicking off your shoes and getting out for a barefoot wander walk or a run can do wonders for your mental health (not to mention your fitness). What’s better is that walking and running barefoot, or even jumping on the trampoline, can come with proven benefits, particularly regarding strengthening your feet and balance.

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Make time for family

Our family members are often our closest human connections – and they’re also usually the first ones we forsake when we give in to the stresses of work. But spending just a few hours each day with your family will remind you of what really matters in life.

Put your phone away, plan a family dinner or trip out to the park, and just loosen up – this is the time you have to shake off the airs and graces that your other responsibilities may demand. To ensure that you actually show up to these gatherings, always prioritise your family in your diary, and make sure your work knows that this time is non-overridable.

Amend your attitude towards life

If you were to describe it right now, how would you summarise your life philosophy? Perhaps you don’t yet have a defined set of qualities and codes that structure the way in which you choose to live. If that’s the case, then let this be the push you need to reframe your outlook.

By deciding on and living by a code every day, you’ll easily be able to remove some of the dross which is keeping you from experiencing peace and happiness as you should be. Your aim for the day or week might be to practice generosity, be more grateful, value experiences over material things, look for joy in the little things, or to figuratively (and literally) declutter your life. You’ll be amazed how your life changes for the better when you purposefully live out a positive attitude.

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