How Tide Pods Challenge led to last-minute edits for Super Bowl | Advertising

Last February, when ’s Super campaignwhich gently ribbed Big Game ad clichespretty much stole the ad spotlight, few knew just how close Procter & Gamble had been to a major fail.

For weeks prior to the game, social media had been going wild with memes of kids eating toxic Tide , and the “Tide Challenge,” as it was dubbed, not only threatened to hurt the brand, but threw its planned “It’s a Tide Ad” campaignwhich featured the podsinto disarray.

“That was not a good place for us to be,” said Kimberly Doebereiner, director of brand building integrated communications for P&G brands in a presentation this week at the Cincinnati chapter of the American Federation, talking about the last-minute changes the brand and its agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, scrambled to make. “We were actively trying to figure out what to do without calling more attention to it. [The memes were] shocking and actually highly upsetting to watch.”

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