Maybe your company should hire a Chief Sanity Officer | Advertising

It’s become painfully (stabbingly) clear that many tech companies and “disruptive” startupsand even established companies trying to compete with the newbiescould use a new sort of CCO: a consistency officer.

If that’s too subtle and/or too suggestive of other CCOs who might already be on board, how about a CDJCAO (chief don’t-jerk-customers-around officer). Or a CLNDUCNO (chief let’s-not-drive-users-completely-nuts officer). Or maybe let’s keep it super direct: CSO (chief sanity officer).

Consider the most annoying and exasperating stumbles of some high-profile new and newish companies over the past year and they all have to do with leaving consumers guessingbecause of messed-up messaging, herky-jerky interface changes, ever-morphing strategies and excessive course corrections.

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