The Fastest Way to Convert CMYK to Pantone in Adobe Illustrator | Graphic Designing

So I’ve been working on some ways to speed up my logo production process. Particularly the last bit where I package up all the logos for clients. One of the things that always takes forever and a day is picking colors.

Obviously, I could start with Pantone swatches and use a color bridge to find a good CMYK mix that’s close, but lets be honest, Pantone books are expensive. I don’t have them. The demand for print is less and less, and I like to start with CMYK mixes.


I found this great tutorial for quickly converting CMYK to Pantone, or any other color space for that matter, and it’s super quick. Basically, you just adjust some options in the Recolor Artwork panel and presto chango, really accurate Pantone conversion — most of the time.

Here’s the tutorial:

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