Change these device settings so you can sleep better

The light from your and computer screen could be one of the things keeping you up at night – here is how to make your devices easier on the eyes.

The light from your phone and computer screen could be impacting your . It emits blue light, and experts say it could be interfering with our eyes and even our sleep! Here’s how to adjust your devices for better rest.

There are also some important settings you can on your devices to make the screen emit less blue light when it’s getting close to bedtime.


Go into Settings, then Display and Brightness and look for Night Shift. This will make your display appear warmer and less blue. You can have it turn on during scheduled times or follow sunrise and sunset.

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Go into Settings under Display and look for Blue Light Filter.

You can also change similar settings on Windows 10,  Computers and even your tablet.

“What is the bigger picture beyond blue light? It’s technology, and if you want to actually get good sleep,  you need to put the technology away,” explained Dasgupta.

Dr. Raj recommends no phone or screens 2 hours before bedtime. A dream for sleep, but a potential tech nightmare for those of us dependent on these devices.

And, if blue light is bad, red light might be better. If you have some of those smart, color changing light bulbs in your home, you can try setting them to a warm, red light before bedtime. This could help signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

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