Full Google Assistant now works with Android Auto | Apps

Google has been fully integrated into Android in the UK. You can now use “OK Google” to perform many different in-car activities.

Voice has been available in British cars that support Android Auto already, but the full Google Assistant experience offers more in-depth functionality.

It works whether you have Assistant built into your compatible car, or through the Android Auto app on your phone.

You can use it to set navigation points in Google Maps or Waze, including points of interest, petrol stations, etc, just using your voice.

It can be used to find out the weather, local traffic information, read texts, calendar entries and more. You can also play songs, playlists, radio stations and podcasts, through vocal commands.

Google Assistant through Android Auto can find out search information, which will be read out to you through your in-car sound system, and even be used to tell you your petrol levels or lock your doors if your car supports that feature.

Android Auto is available in seven countries around the world, including the UK, US, Germany and France.

It can be used with a compatible in-car system or in app-form on an Android smartphone. You can download it from Google Play here.

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