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Hi. I had a concern in regards to selling graphics. I was doing a little research on fair use and transformative work and was curious if graphics like the ones listed below would apply to those rules as far as being exempt of violating copyright. Also would it change things if the work is being sold as a digital file for the purpose of being applied onto a fight stick? Check the links below for examples.

Transformative work:

Original Artwork:

Transformative work:

Original Artwork:

Fight Stick Application:

So in the first example you can see how they edited the original character’s colors and shading does that change if it’s considered transformative or fair use?

In the second example nothing has been changed to the character but the background is completely different and the application has changed. Would this be considered transformative or fair use?

If I could get a definitive answer I would greatly appreciate it. I know it tough since its really unknown how much does an image of to be changed to be considered transformative. So it be great if I had someone answer with experience in matters similar to this. Thank you for your time.

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