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Say hello to Pokemon number 891?

UPDATE: Chrales, the original leaker of the potential new Pokemon, has streamed new footage on Twitch of the character, showing that it includes an idle animation and full 3D model, indicating that it's not just placeholder and may indeed be our first look at a new Pokemon.

Original story follows:

Pokemon fans believe they've uncovered an entirely new Pokemon due to a leak in Pokemon Go's network traffic. Pokemon database site Serebii posted an image of the Pokemon, which is currently labeled as existing Pokemon Kecleon.

Twitter user Chrales appears to be the first person to have spotted the leak, noting that while the creature is labeled Kecleon in Pokemon Go, the game's Unity files tag it as Pokemon 891.

Chrales also grabbed some images, which looks a bit like an orb floating inside a hardware nut for a head on top of a Ditto-like body. The right image appears to be a shiny variant.


All the way back in May, a tweet from the official Pokemon account confirmed that a brand new Pokemon was referenced in a Pokemon Let's Go trailer released at the time.

“Even more !” reads the tweet. “Trainers, the special Pokemon referenced at the end of the #PokemonLetsGo trailer is referring to a Pokemon never seen before!”

Given that the final Generation 7 Pokemon, Zeraora, is numbered 807, some have taken this creature's 891 numbering to mean that the as-yet unrevealed Generation 8 will feature at least 84 new Pokemon.

Earlier this week, details emerged about how Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! will link up. The Let's Go games are also getting a special edition Switch, but they won't support the Switch's new cloud save functionality.

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