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The legendary psychic-type is now available as a Tier 5 raid boss in Pokemon GO. However, as part of the creature’s transition from EX raid to regular raid, it appears the Pokemon will be much more difficult to catch. This wasn’t the only change, however, as Mewtwo is also losing two of its most powerful moves.

It’s worth mentioning that the changes to its catch rate make sense though. As an EX raid boss, Mewtwo’s catch rate – prior to other bonuses – was 9%. While it was easier to catch Mewtwo then than now, EX Raids were also much more difficult to get into. As a Pokemon GO regular raid boss, its catch rate is diminished to 2%, but his raids are easier to get into now than before.

The good is that Mewtwo has a large catch circle, meaning that landing Great or Excellent curve throws is much easier on it than some other legendaries. Combined with a Golden Raspberry or two, players can increase their chances to catch the legendary rather easily.

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Of course, with the transition of Mewtwo to regular raids, many are excited for its EX raid replacement. It has been revealed and confirmed that the next legendary EX raid boss is Deoxys, the gen 3 psychic-type Pokemon. However, while the addition of Deoxys to Pokemon GO is likely to excite its diehard fanbase, locking it behind an EX raid is a contentious move (as always).

Since their inception in Pokemon GO, EX raids have been debated in the community, as they are incredibly difficult to get into. In fact, Mewtwo’s move to regular raids is the first time many players have had the chance to catch the legendary. It does appear, however, that Niantic is trying to get more players into EX raids, as it has recently added a sharing feature for EX Raid Invites.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for Android and iOS devices.

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