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It’s a fairly common scenario. An end user calls the help desk about a problem he’s experiencing. He might say, “I can’t access the inventory application.” The worker has no idea why he can’t get to the application today when it worked fine yesterday. The help desk consultant collects the relevant information for the ticket, which then gets escalated to the network operations center that is the control center for the enterprise.

The technician assigned to the ticket doesn’t know if this is a true network problem, an application problem, or even something that is specific to that user’s workstation or environment. Narrowing the possible causes of the problem will require some investigation using various toolsets. Traditional network tools can tell if there’s anything wrong with a server, router, or switch on that user’s network segment. If those major components are fine, the hunt for the root cause gets underway. This can be time consuming in the absence of user-specific metrics.

This is where is helpful. is a distributed network monitoring solution that observes the network from the end user . Other monitoring tools typically stop short of understanding what an end user is seeing or experiencing, especially in remote or branch locations. NetBeez fills this gap with the ability to proactively monitor wired, wireless, and virtual networks.

How NetBeez monitors networks from the end user perspective

The NetBeez approach is to install an agent (called a “bee”) in each network location. The agent can be a compact appliance about the size of a man’s wallet or a piece of software. Customers usually install one of these sensors for each wired network location and one for each wireless network location. Some organizations might deploy more sensors based on coverage and their own monitoring needs.

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