The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media | Artificial intelligence

In today’s world, owning a social media account is as almost as common as having a National Insurance number. By the end of 2018, 2.5-billion people are expected to have at least one social account. With so many frequenting these platforms, it’s no surprise to see marketing departments worldwide centralize their priorities towards social media.

But how do you monetize such a significant number and make sure you target the right market? The answer is quite simple really: artificial intelligence. The use of AI is becoming increasingly more common in business. media is no different. 

As technology improves, a range of tools is being implemented in the race to win customers on social media. It doesn’t merely stop at acquiring new customers, however. AI is seeping its way into the user experience on social platforms, creating a better journey for users in the process.

The ever-changing environment of social media makes it harder for companies to keep on top of trends. Which is why they are turning to AI to is a smart move. Machine learning algorithms analyze everything that is happening on social media in real time and convert the information to tangible data for marketers to utilize.

AI studies data and makes recommendations based on its findings. Such vast information would typically take months for a human to cultivate. Deep learning, algorithms, and datasets empower AI, which in turn streamlines the process for marketers.

I found this link over at martechadvisor where the writer talks about the impact of AI on social media and among the social networking sites mentioned that utilizes AI includes Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I understand using AI for online business websites, but what do you think is AI’s impact or potential impact on social media and, more importantly, the users?

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