This Advertising Week, don’t pat yourself on the back for solving the diversity problem | Advertising

It’s . Another opportunity to get together, collectively pat ourselves on the back and talk about how dedicated we are to fixing this whole “diversity issue.”

Thanks to a huge amount of effort from specially formed organizations (that we will all take credit for), progress has been made. According to the 3% Movement, 29 percent of creative directors in the U.S. today are now women. The industry has realized that representation matters, and many businesses are finally taking real action and committing to a more diverse workplace, not just adding a few token women to an agency’s creative leadership.

We’ve actively made an effort to promote women into leadership roles. We’ve leveled the playing field, and women finally have access to the opportunities and recognition they deserve. solved! Now all we have to do as women is work hard and show everyone what we are made of, and we will all rise to the top right?

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