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Every raid that Bungie has put out in history has featured some form of difficulty option. In Destiny, the raids had Hard , which featured new mechanics and players couldn’t revive their teammates. In Destiny 2, the Leviathan and the Raid Lairs had a difficulty with new modifiers (and new mechanics for Leviathan). However, it seems that the Last Wish raid will not be getting a harder difficulty like its predecessors, much to the disappointment of some Destiny 2 fans.

Currently, Last Wish is a 550 recommended Power activity, but unlike previous raids, Last Wish scales much higher throughout the raid. Usually, raids tend to stay around the recommended power level or a little above it while the final boss is much higher. However, Last Wish continually scales throughout the raid, ending with a 580 boss fight against Riven.

Each encounter ramps up the Power Level difficulty unlike any other raid experience, which may be why there is no Prestige Mode coming. It seems that Last Wish will only have the one version with the finite set of rewards.

destiny 2 forsaken riven last wish raid

While there may be no Prestige Mode on the horizon, there is one way to make the Last Wish raid much more difficult. There are several wishes that can cause changes during the raid, and the Thirteenth Wish activates what is called “Petra’s Run” for the entire raid. This modifier makes it so that if any player dies at any point during the raid, then the entire team is sent back to orbit to start over again. While this doesn’t cause any change in mechanics or modifiers, it does make Last Wish a lot riskier.

While it is unclear if this will be the case for future raids, Bungie did say that they would be revealing some details about Black Armory’s raid lair very soon. Black Armory is the first DLC included in the Expansion Pass and the start of the Season of the Forge. If Bungie is designing raids to be their truest form on Day One, then players may want some form of higher challenge after they burn through the raid, so hopefully, Bungie will be able to shed some light on what the future holds for Destiny 2’s endgame very soon.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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