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Over the years, many popular video games has received a line of licensed action featuring the title’s most notable characters. It was announced some time ago that will soon be joining the ranks of such games, and now it seems that players have received their first look at these prospective figures.

McFarlane Toys – the producers of the upcoming Fortnite collectible action figures – displayed one of the line’s initial focus characters at New York Comic Con on Saturday. Company founder Todd McFarlane gave Fortnite fans their first look at the Cuddle Team Leader action figure, which comes packed in with the unicorn-themed hacking tool, a ribbon and what seems to be a Scar assault rifle.


Speaking on the upcoming line, McFarlane stated that the fun and colorful nature of Fortnite characters made them a natural fit for an action figure line and that his team will be aiming to bring fans the very best products. Epic Games Creative Director Donald Mustard also made his enthusiasm for the product known, saying that players will be “blown away” by the product.

Currently, the price players can expect to pay for these Fortnite-themed action figures has not been revealed. While a concrete release date has also not been made known, it has been stated that McFarlane Toys is aiming to release them before the end of the year (perhaps, right before Christmas.) While Cuddle Team Leader was the only action figure displayed at New York Comic Con, the packaging of the figure did suggest that the characters the toy manufacturer will be producing first include Black Knight, Skull Trooper, Raptor, Brite Bomber, Drift, Rex, and Oblivion.

It is important to note that McFarlane Toys is not the only collectible manufacturer focusing on the Fortnite craze. Funko also recently revealed a planned series in their “Pop!” line, which is due to be released in December. It seems that Fortnite fans eager to show their love for the game with real-world collectible items will have a lot to look forward to later this year.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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