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First time created a poster but something is missing.

Hello kind designers,

I am new to photoshop(and the art of design) and I got started with this poster by watching some youtube videos. I tried to blend a few pictures with the major Image which is the dominant factor here but I dont know what else to do here. I feel like something is missing and overall it looks “amateur” which is fine because I am not a designer and only got started with it because I thought I’ll really enjoy this as a passion. If anybody can help me out I would really appreciate it because I dont know where to go or who to ask(If I am at the wrong place or there is already a forum that I should have posted this then I am apologize for my ignorance)

Some things I dont like –

  1. Font – I’m still looking for a font that would fit here
  2. Is too much going on in the poster? and maybe things dont look blended together
  3. is there too much empty space which looks odd?

Link to the poster r/

submitted by /u/reachpraty

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