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Monster Hunter World has been receiving a number of new events for players to take part in over the last couple of months, and is set to get even more in the future, including one themed around Horizon Zero Dawn that’s exclusive to PS4 owners. Now, Capcom has provided further details about the next -Tempered monster that will soon arrive for players to tackle – Magdaros.

For those new to Monster Hunter World, Arch-Tempered monsters are essentially stronger variations of already existing creatures. Right now, players can hunt down and fight an Arch-Tempered Lunastra until October 18th, with the Arch-Tempered Zorah Magdaros to follow immediately afterwards in an event titled The Undying Alpenglow.

This beast appeared in the game’s story relatively early on and is referred to as an Elder Dragon. It even has the nickname “Scorching Mountain Dragon,” insinuating that it’s immune to fire damage. Players will need to change up their armory accordingly to stand a chance against this much stronger version of the monster.

arch-tempered zorah magdaros armor

Any players at Level 50 that manage to successfully slay it will be rewarded with the ability to forge the Zorah gamma armor set and the Origin layered armor, which was originally a pre-order bonus, so now those late to the party can enjoy the benefits. The event will be running from October 18th until November 1st, meaning players can also enjoy the upcoming Halloween event afterwards.

However, these events are exclusive to Monster Hunter World‘s console versions, leaving PC players somewhat high and dry. The PC version of the game was only released a couple of months ago to a rather rocky start, but did recently receive a free update to fix some bugs and gave players extra goodies to make up for it. Those who are curious about jumping in can read Game Rant’s own review of the game here.

Monster Hunter World is available right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Capcom

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