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Hey Creatives,

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel a bit like our profession is extremely undervalued by clients. You can see the evidence of this throughout this subreddit alone (but it’s all over social media).

Much of the posts I see of those looking to express this fact are met with responses from other designers who are either empathetic or are happy to tell you how it’s your fault for why things are this way. We can argue about which is the cause, but I’d like to consider something else.

If we’re freelancing, we are ALL out here, alone, forging our own paths. The breadth of our communication is with clients or directors, who see us as the means to an end, and are as disconnected from us as east is from west. They want one thing from us. The work.

I noticed that I had a desire for more than just being a cog in their system. I sought a purpose, a connection unlike the one from my spouse or friendships, but from those who were in the same boat, who knew similar circumstances to mine.

Of course, social media groups (like this one) can be useful for connection. And it might be sufficient for you.

So, needless to say, I discovered that expressing myself through creative storytelling (making movies!), was quite therapeutic. I could tackle an issue I was having, put it into a script, and get it out! Further, when I would play out the challenges I was facing, and overdramatize them, I could actually have fun seeking out solutions.

What’s more is that I’m finding an audience on YouTube that is very much like me, who gets it. I don’t get paid to do my videos, and finding time to put them together amidst my project work is a challenge in and of itself, but the rewards are far greater than the investment.

I see many designers on YouTube doing tutorials. These are helpful. But what if we all had a way to channel (pun intended) our story and make it readily available to others just like us?

Maybe you’re doing something like this already, or know of channels like this? I’d love to see them. Here’s a sample of my most recent upload where I tell a brief story about the life of a freelancer:

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