some Linux distros need to evolve if they are to survive into the future | Linux

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I have encountered distros that have difficult to install procedures and I’m shaking my head at how backwards they are. This isn’t the early 90s folks, it’s the 21st Century. Evolve or get left behind.

Let’s face it, the 70s, 80s, and early 90s have come and gone and so are the computer users that lived in these times.

Computer users from these eras that I have spoken to are well adjusted to command-line installers because, well, they lived through it, for them it’s like riding a bike, but for people like my nephew who was born in 2012, they will have no experience in using command-line interfaces and this will be his reaction if Linux distros doesn’t in installation process:

GUI is the Linux distros. Embrace it like Ubuntu has. Ubuntu and all it’s flavors are going to survive well into the because they are evolving with the times.

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