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While nothing is set in stone, it appears that Destiny 2‘s forthcoming DLC Black Armory could potentially be adding a new black gear rarity tier. Of course, this is tinfoil hat territory and should be taken with a grain of salt, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest this could actually be the case. This same leak also alleges, beyond the addition of the new rarity tear, that this DLC will bring back some of the most popular D1 exotics.

These rumors aren’t exactly new, but they have been revived since Black Armory is set to launch sometime this winter. In fact, these rumors first began to circulate back in July when Destiny 2: Forsaken leads Steven Cotton and Scott Taylor both answered black to a question of what color a new gear tier would be.

Now, a new leak from Reddit user JordanWrightFilm (who has accurately leaked info before) suggests that black tier gear is an actual thing. It’ll exist separately from legendary and exotic gear, and should excite many members of the fan base. It’s worth adding, however, that his original leak has caused some confusion, as it also references a new horde mode called Forges of the Chain and a new raid lair, and this was mostly known information.


Nevertheless, both (whether or not Forges of the Chain is a horde mode) were referenced on the updated Destiny 2 roadmap. More recently, when Taylor was asked about black gear, his response was that Bungie “will definitely talk about that” when the Black Armory DLC nears its launch. Of course, this is no sort of confirmation, but it’s hard to imagine what else this could mean.

Although players will have to wait for the addition of the Black Armory to find out if this is true or not, there is plenty to keep the fanbase grinding. After all, the upcoming Festival of the Lost event will feature new quests, cosmetics, activities, and weapons. In other words, players should be prepared for whatever comes with the next Destiny 2 DLC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now.

Source: Games Radar

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