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Earlier this year, a Destiny 2 and Rockstar Energy Drink promotion leaked via a piece of art. At the time, most didn’t know how the Rockstar promotion would work, as the marketing materials suggested this would be more than just a double XP boost or a free engram.

Thanks to Bungie’s Weekly Update, Destiny 2 players now know how the Rockstar Energy Riots competition will work. In fact, the competition has been live since October 6th of this month – most players simply didn’t know about it.

The competition is a little more complex than some may be ready for, but the key piece is an account on Rockstar’s site. Once signed up, players will have access to a dashboard that shows the challenges for the specific week and their current ranking. This week, from October 14th to 20th, is focused on Strikes, with players earning points based on precision kills and matches completed.

Next week, will be focused on Gambit and then the following three weeks will be a little different. The cycle will be Crucible, Strikes, and then Gambit but the only way to gain access will be with a Rockstar Energy drink code found on select cans.

destiny rockstar slingshot

Once the open rounds and the “Legendary rounds have concluded, the Qualifier round will take the top 200 players from each week in the Legendary round and have them compete for a spot in the top 4. Those top 4 will then fly to Bungie’s studio in Washington to compete.

The obvious question is whether or not this Rockstar Energy Riots competition is worth the effort. Each week players will be eligible to win prizes that range from Bungie Store gift cards to Bungie and Rockstar-themed merchandise (controllers, headsets, etc.) And the big prize at the end of it all, which will go to the top player is a Destiny 2: Forsaken-themed Slingshot roadster.

The competition sounds like a lot of work for those that want to get involved and it’s a shame that Bungie decided to include it in its Weekly Blog Update after the first week had elapsed. But nevertheless, there are still plenty of opportunities to sign up and have a chance at some prizes.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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