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The most talked about the phone for its picture-taking quality, the Google Pixel came with a lot of interesting features like the Top Shot, Super Res Zoom, Motion Tracking Autofocus and so on and so forth. With everything that a consumer could ask for in a camera Google Pixel gave it, but still, there was something missing. That’s right! The time-lapse mode.

Time-lapse fast-forwards you through a long sunset in just a span of a few seconds. But for some reason, Google hasn’t included a mode for creating one.

But this is likely to change as according to a report in XDA Developers it seems that with the shipping of the new Google Pixel 3, Google might be working on the time-lapse feature.


Time-lapse placeholder. Image: XDA Developers

It is also said that the works on the feature have been happening for quite a while now. The camera app is seen to contain a string hinting at the time-lapse mode for years now.

They even checked the camera-app from the first-generation of the Google Pixel device which too carried this string of unreleased time-lapse mode.

Though they feel that the code of the feature is seen to be in the reviewers unit ( of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is fairly recent as they did not find this code in the older versions of Google Camera app i.e version 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and version 6.0.

A screenshot of the placeholder of the time-lapse icon is said to be seen in the latest version i.e 6.1 version of the app, but this placeholder string as per the report is seen to be for two years now.

There is no official information on the coming of the time-lapse mode in the latest version.

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