IoT roundup: Content delivery networks make a play for IoT business | Virtual Reality

It’s a measure of how big and meaningful a particular technology trend is when big companies that weren’t necessarily in on the ground floor start making a major push for relevance in the market. A couple years ago, every tech company in the world couldn’t wait to tell you about how into the cloud they were, and the same thing is happening to . The pivots, they are a-comin’.

This month, some of the heavy hitters moving to make themselves more appealing to the burgeoning IoT market are content delivery (CDN) like Akamai and Limelight, both of which were eager to trumpet their edge credentials.

It’s an interesting fit for edge compute and IoT. The growing trend towards putting computing resources closer to where they’re being used, as opposed to somewhere in a distant cloud, makes sense, given that part of the allure of CDNs is to stage in-demand content close to the user.

Using the computing resources themselves doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. And given current IoT growth rates, the fact that CDNs have a ton of those resources available should stand them in good stead.

Splunk hopes it’s got a slam-dunk

Data analytics firm Splunk thinks it’s on its way to IoT prominence with its announcement of upcoming general availability for its industrial IoT monitoring and management platform.

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