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It’s been a year since the Association of National Advertisers gathered in Florida for its biggest annual event, and to quote Kelly Clarksonwho will entertain at this year’s gatheringa lot has happened since u been gone. Data privacy legislation is sweeping the world, and the FBI is now involved in a criminal investigation into agency media-buying practices. In short, there’s a lot to talk about for the 3,000 industry execs who will crowd the sold-out Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando for the 2018 Masters of Marketing event, which begins Wednesday. Below, a primer.

The feds are watching

Please raise your hand if you want the FBI to investigate your media deals. The recently confirmed reports that the FBI has asked for cooperation in its probe into media-buying practices, but since the doesn’t have any direct information (per its deal with K2 Intelligence, which did a 2016 report on the subject), it’s asking members if they wish to cooperate. The question is, who will want to?

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