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Samsung will be holding a press conference in New York on 7-8 November and among other things, it is highly anticipated that we might see the announcement of the company’s first foldable smartphone. Now, this conference is for select audience behind closed doors, but information coming from South Korea has hinted that the phone will likely be called as Galaxy F.

The report from GizmoChina has said that the model number of this foldable smartphone will be SM-F900U and the F is going to stand for foldable. The company is reportedly testing the smartphone in the US with software build F900USQU0ARJ5 says the report.

In terms of the display, the phone is said to have a primary screen of 7.3 inches and a secondary screen of 4.6 inches. The larger display, when the device is folded, is said to become inactive while the user can explore the outer screen. If this is true then this means that unlike the FlexiPai, unveiled earlier this month, the Galaxy F can become a tablet as well as a mobile.

There are no further details are available on the hardware specs of the device. However, we do expect to hold a sizeable price tag owing to the technology used in it.

The phone can obviously not be folded as easily as say a magazine. The hinges on the device allow it to be folded slowly so as to not damage the mechanism inside the phone. Also, there will be some amount of space between the two halves of the inner display to avoid any direct impact.

The report states that Samsung plans on producing 1 million units of the smartphone in the first year. However, it is expected that the device is launched after the Galaxy S10 is launched next year.

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