YouTube Nintendo Switch App Coming Next Week? | Gaming News

Although the Nintendo Switch boasts many great games and apps, many Switch users are eagerly awaiting the time when and other streaming video apps will finally be available on the console. Fans will be happy to know that recently there have been rumors that may finally be to Nintendo Switch.

According to the latest rumors, YouTube could finally be integrated into the Nintendo Switch on November 8th. These rumors have surfaced since a YouTube icon allegedly started to appear on the NintendoHOME Twitter account where the recommended applications for the console are listed. Furthermore, the icon lists a date of November 8th.

Of course, the icon seems to be totally random, so it could be a leak ahead of time while we wait for an official announcement, or it could simply be an error. Furthermore, it is also not certain whether this icon actually appears on the web, as no one is able to find it apart from this tweet. So far, Nintendo Switch users have been limited to services like Niconico and Hulu, and there are a lot of players who want more such streaming offers, so if it is true, it is great for Switch fans.

Of course, YouTube is also not the most demanded video application by the community, as many users would also love to see services such as Netflix on the Switch console. YouTube is a good start for the console, though, as hundreds of thousands of gaming fans use YouTube to watch gaming streams and to upload video game-related content. We definitely look forward to seeing whether this rumor is true or not next week.

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