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The stream of new content in  continues, as Epic Games has announced a partnership with the National Football League. Starting November 9, players can purchase a skin themed after their favorite NFL team, whether it be the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, or Cleveland Browns. All 32 NFL will be represented in the upcoming skin sale.

The good news is that Fortnite players will only have to purchase the NFL once, and they can then customize it to any of the NFL’s 32 teams. There’s also an additional purple and green Fortnite customization for those who don’t care about team affiliation. Pricing for the NFL has yet to be revealed and is hard to predict, given the typically high pricing associated with NFL-branded merchandise.

Each of the individual Fortnite NFL skins will be semi-accurate to each team’s real uniforms, replete with team logos, colors, and NFL branding. Individual NFL player names will not be featured, but Fortnite players will be able to choose any number from 0-99 to put on the jersey and rep their favorite football players.

The Fortnite x NFL partnership marks the latest branded tie-in for the hugely popular battle royale game, perhaps signifying a shift towards further branded content in the future. This isn’t Fortnite‘s first or largest partnership event, that being the Fortnite x The Avengers collaboration that let players take on the role of Thanos, and it isn’t Fortnite‘s first branded Outfit either. There’s the Samsung Galaxy skin, the PS Plus skins, and several Twitch Prime skins. But the NFL Outfit does look to be the first branded Outfit available for purchase directly.

More importantly, however, the NFL Outfit is the first Outfit with overt real-life branding materials shown on the skin. The Samsung Galaxy, PS Plus, and Twitch Prime Outfits all feature no overt branding on them. That’s why this NFL outfit more than any other partnership effort in Fortnite‘s past implies that Epic may be opening the door to future in-game branding or advertising. Perhaps that what the most recent cube meta-event showing off what could be multiple universes means.



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