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The Revolutionary Emotional is designed to improve your leadership and wellbeing so you can become more in touch with yourself. The Eplanner isn’t a simple agenda. It’s a scientific tool that combines emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and managerial studies to tap into your brain hemispheres to make the most of them. Eplanner provides you with introspective and thought-provoking tasks to grow your self-awareness and self-regulation. In doing so, it helps you achieve brilliant performance. Each month has its own focus and with the Happiness Map, you can improve your motivation and your connection with others as well as your social skills. To use Eplanner, write your weekly and daily mood, work goals, personal wins, weekly reflections, and even actions to be happy. In addition, there’s also plenty of space to take notes, draw your projects, and reflect by coloring in a weekly mandala. Of course, there’s also a calendar layout to stay organized.

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