Orbital 2 Next-Generation Creative Joystick | Tech Gadgets


Make the most out of your time spent programming with the Orbital 2 Next-Generation . This high-tech controller provides 200 shortcuts in a single device, allowing you to operate with only one hand. Additionally, The Orbital 2 joystick reduces the physical and operational aspects of using a regular keyboard and alleviates fatigue. Orbital 2 features a Flat Ring interface that includes eight switches, allowing you to consolidate all functions into them. To use the Orbital 2, simply tilt the joystick to choose functions. You can also press the top button to reset or perform other commands and press the flat ring to open an overlay menu or choose tools. Furthermore, the LED light adds colored illumination to your work desk. An ideal companion for your pen tablet, mouse or keyboard based device, Orbital 2 easily connects to your device via USB.

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