No Ads in the middle of YouTube videos


Web Desk: Advertisements in the middle of watching video on are the most irritating sort of thing that compels us to install adblockers.

In order to deal with it, YouTube finding some ways to give us better YouTube experience. Instead of having a mid-video ad jarring you out of your binge, they’re going to start testing given you only at the start instead, reported India Times.

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In their trial run, when you play a video, it’ll first play two unskippable ads back to back before getting to your content. That does mean you’ll have to what longer to get to what you want to watch, however it means you’re less likely to see an ad in the middle of what you’re watching.

Company’s  blog post says that this method could reduce users experiencing ad interruptions by up to 40 per cent. The trail run is based on research the company conducted, showing that viewers are quite sensitive to how frequent ad breaks are.

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