How to Get Aerodactyl in Pokemon Let’s Go


While most Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go can be caught in the wild there are some that will have to be obtained through other means, including some that have to be revived from ancient DNA.

is one of those Pokemon who will have to be revived and while you find his fossil at an early spot in the game you’ll actually need something from later in the game to come back to it.

You’re going to be looking for Old Amber which can be found at the Pewter City Museum. You’re going to want to go around back where you can cut down the tree which will lead you into a different part of the museum. Once you’re inside talk to one of the scientists and he will give you the Old Amber.

Once you have the Old Amber you’ll have to travel all the way to Cinnabar Island. Cinnabar Island is a place you’ll visit much later in the game as it’s the site of the seventh gym badge.

Once you arrive here you’re going to be looking for a lab, in fact, it’s the same lab that will revive your Helix and Dome fossils so you’ll be able to knock out two birds with one stone here. The lab is located directly next to the Pokemon Center so head on in and have your DNA turned into Pokemon.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are out now on Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking to become more immersed with the game you might want to check out the PokeBall Plus which will also get you a free Mew.

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