Pricing advice: Secured $1800 for licensing a piece for a single project, now how much should I charge for licensing for all media in perpetuity? | Graphic Designing

I’m in the midst of a deal with a large ad agency licensing my work on behalf of a large corporate client – it’s my first time doing this, but definitely not theirs.

We agreed upon $1800 for them to license my work for a single promotional project, and now they want an estimate to license the same work for their client’s use across all media in perpetuity.

I have reason to believe that they may be planning to use my work not only in ads/promotional materials, but also in manufacturing actual for special/luxury editions of their product.

My work is something that is high quality and exactly what they needed, but it is not mine alone “creatively” – meaning, with the proper expertise, tools, and processes, someone else could create something very similar.

How would you price a license for all media in perpetuity in this scenario?

Sorry I’m not willing to be more specific than this, but I appreciate any guidance!

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