5 Wild Beyond Tips & Tricks Need to Know

The Beyond is home to some of the most powerful (and zany) personalities in the galaxy.

As one of those personalities, you’ll be pitted against rival explorers with an army of their own. Hashing out your issues with these individuals means having to battle it out in a fun mix of RTS and CCG mechanics. Developer Strange Sevens has taken this interesting premise and transported it into their debut mobile release, Beyond. With our handy advice, you’ll have everything you need to know in order to dominate the Multiplayer and Campaign modes within this addictive mobile experience.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Wild Beyond:

1. Set Up Your Energy Stations ASAP!

Wild Beyond

Strange Sevens

• Whether you’re embroiled in a Multiplayer battle, Campaign battle, or any other head to head battle the game throws at you, it’s best if you set up your energy stations once the match begins. It may take a few precious seconds to make them to available, but placing all three of your energy stations on the field is a must. If your opponent opts to start attacking once the match starts, attack with your Commander Ability if it’s available. That low-cost attack can quickly eliminate the weak unit your foe expectedly placed onto the field, which should let you get right back to setting up your energy stations.

2. Push Out Your Melee Units First, Then Back Them Up With Turrets and Stronger Units Soon After

Wild Beyond

Strange Sevens

• In order to capture the middle lane where two extra energy stations can be placed, you’ll need your troops to take control of it. Once all three of your energy stations are put into place, you’ll quickly amass the energy needed to place your units on the field. Plus you’ll get to work with your stronger units once you upgrade your playable card tier.

• Since your energy fills up much quicker thanks to your three energy stations, proceed to send out a steady stream of melee focused troops. After that, place a few turrets near your Commander’s base and shields. Then back up your melee units with your powerful, high-energy cost troops. If you want to nab yourself an early win or feel yourself on the verge of defeat, send in your Commander as soon as they’re available. Commanders are juggernauts who can change the tide of battle in an instant. Adjust your approach to the battle at hand if things start to take a turn for the worst, of course. But stick to the aforementioned battle strategies and you shouldn’t have any problem improving your Multiplayer mode rank.

3. Construct a Balanced Deck and Include Three Pieces of Each Unit

Strange Sevens

• As you unlock new Commanders, open chests, and complete Multiplayer and Campaign battles, you’ll get to add new cards to your deck. Once you unlock a new card type, place it into your deck and test it out during your next battle if its abilities satisfy your needs.

• A proper deck setup should include a combination of melee troops, ranged troops, turrets, and troops that can take out enemies in the air and on the ground. As you’re putting together your winning deck, make sure to fill three slots with a single troop type. There’s 21 card slots in total and you’ll unlock new slots as you reach new Multiplayer mode ranks. By the time you unlock every slot, you’ll only have two slots left over for a final troop. Fill those two spots with your most powerful troop type.

4. Hook up With an Alliance So You Can Unlock New Commanders

Strange Sevens

• Once your Player Level hits Level Four, you’ll finally get the chance to join an Alliance. Place yourself within an active Alliance and be ready to be a constant helping hand. To read up on the benefits that come with joining an Alliance, tap on a locked Commander while Alliance Mode is still locked.

• The info that’ll pop up on the screen should give you an overview of all the benefits and jobs that comes with becoming an Alliance member. One of the best benefits to come from joining an Alliance is the chance to get your hands on some Alliance Tokens, which are needed to unlock certain Commanders once a particular faction is unlocked. Those Commanders happen to be Giga, Avasa, and Val.

5. Progress Through the Campaign and Make Sure You Stay on Top of Quests

• Your Campaign Tickets (of which there are only two available at a time) are spent towards participating in Campaign missions. Once you spend those two tickets, you’ll have to wait a while before they refill. This means you won’t be able to hop into another mission for a while, which also means you’ll just have to busy yourself with Multiplier battles and Alliance-related activities.

• As soon as you receive some more Campaign Tickets, head right back into the Campaign. Completing its battles and tough boss encounters nets you all sorts of goodies. Also, pay attention to your list of Quests. Completing them also helps you acquire many worthwhile rewards and Player Level XP. The Quests tab is also home to Alliance Challenges and a free timed Chest, so come here often!

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