A Fisherman’s Tale Gets January 2019 Launch Date for VR

Like puzzles that bend reality? Check out A Fisherman’s Tale, a Virtual Reality puzzle that puts you in the coat and galoshes of a fisherman puppet named Bob. Vertigo Games, who’s behind Arizona Sunshine and Skyworld; award-winning Innerspace; and ARTE, a European culture channel and digital network, announced that they are setting sail for a January 2019 release date for $14.99.

puzzle sleuths with a PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality headset can help Bob put together befuddling puzzles in this nautical adventure. The game is said to play with scale and perspective, placing players in the center of the action but also as the main character of a “tall tale” storyline.

TriplePoint Newsroom says the “gameplay mechanic [is] based on the recursion principle. In a way, A Fisherman’s Tale is a co-op game – but instead of playing with others, you’re teaming up with multiple dimensions of yourself!”

A Fisherman’s Tale is a new twist on the puzzle genre. It’s going to take place in “multiple dimensions” with different versions of yourself which lends itself the single player co-op title, a first of its kind label as far as I’m aware. The entire game bends physics, so nothing is as it seems. Even the sidekick characters are said to throw you for a reality loop.

The game is interactive with items to pick up, drop, throw, and even combine together. We think this might be because they help solve the puzzles like a seaworthy escape game. This game is designed much like a nesting doll, where you’re inside a lighthouse that’s inside another lighthouse.

VR Gameplay Details

If you or someone you know is a tinkerer and big thinker, you’ll want to wishlist or gift this game. This game reminds me of the VR puzzle game Transpose by Secret Location Inc. and a little bit of the VR film series Trinity. The former uses real-time player character copies to solve puzzles and the latter plays with perspective, which this game has essences of.

VR has been known to play with and bend reality, alter physics, perspective, and time. Based on gameplay footage from Playstation Prospect – PSVR & PS4 on YouTube (see the video down below), A Fisherman’s Tale is staged like its a world within another world or a mystery wrapped in another set of mysteries waiting to be solved and truth uncovered.

Players that like fishing simulators should know that this is not a game with fishing poles, reels, catch and release, or other doodads and fly fishing mechanics. This is a game of a recluse fisherman whose job it is to make it to the top of the lighthouse and turn on the beacon light during a storm.

Upload VR reports that “Overall the team is developing four main chapters with a prologue and epilogue to boot, all of which it reckons will take at least two hours to see through. I feel like sharp-minded gamers will be able to run through it even faster than that, but the quality of the experience and its puzzles will more than make up for it.”

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