Best Perks to Use on Legion in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight’s newest DLC, Darkness Among Us, is out now and it brought players the Legion, Jeff Johansen and a new snow map.

While the killer isn’t nearly as powerful as the Spirit before him, he does have some uses that can make him effective in the right hands. Note that having good perks doesn’t essentially make him a stronger killer but it does certainly help.

The Legion’s main strength comes from his ability to hit survivors fast and often. His Frenzy allows him to vault pallets and windows while also gaining a speed boost and inflicting the “Deep Wound” status effect on survivors.

Survivors suffering from this status effect will have to mend themselves to avoid going into the dying state so if the Legion is able to hit several survivors at once then it will really help slow the game down.

Since the Legion is able to get hits in quick succession then any perk that relies on hitting, or not hitting, survivors will be pretty helpful on the Legion.

Using a perk like Remember Me where you smack the obsession to delay the opening of the exit gates will be powerful on this killer since you can lay down four hits pretty quickly if you keep the chases up.

Alternatively, using a perk like Save the Best for Last works the same way except you’ll want to avoid hitting your obsession. This perk stacks up to eight times meaning you’ll have a much quicker attack animation cooldown.

Franklin’s Demise will be an effective perk on the Legion since he can hit multiple survivors in quick succession resulting in a lot of dropped items. Sloppy Butcher is another strong choice, as it is on pretty much every killer, as it slows down the healing for survivors greatly.

Since the Legion is able to leap over windows using a perk like Bamboozle can be strong considering it increases the vault speed and will also close the loop off to survivors for a small period of time.

We’re still experimenting with different ways to use this killer so feel free to share what perks and builds work best for you in the comments below.

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