Bing is asking for feedback on its Webmaster Guidelines

Frédéric Dubut, web ranking and quality project manager for Bing, is embarking on a journey to refresh the company’s webmaster guidelines.

“SEO friends! I’m kicking off an effort to refresh our @Bing webmaster guidelines, both the spirit and the letter. Any shady tactics you think are not penalized enough? Any feedback on the document itself?” Dubut tweeted on July 30.

Why we should care

Dubut’s tweet specifically asks for marketers and publishers to call out the “shady tactics” that they think should be more strictly penalized. If Bing receives a strong response regarding a specific topic, it could be included in the updated guidelines and reflected in its ranking algorithm.

Dubut also asked for feedback on the Bing Webmaster Guideline document itself. This is an opportunity for to take part in shaping the rules that govern Bing’s crawling, indexing and ranking by asking the company to publicly address areas of concern and disseminate up-to-date best practices.

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