You Can Remove Links From Your Disavow File & Those Links Count Again

Google’s John Mueller clarified on Twitter that if you remove from your file, those will start to count again – well, if Google hasn’t discounted them other ways (i.e. Penguin or other methods).

I am surprised I never outright covered this before, but I 100% mentioned it in numerous posts. I just thought it was obvious, you remove a link from a disavow file, that link is no longer disavowed. I mean, what if you make a mistake and disavow a good link or someone gets angry at you and does some simply hack to negative SEO you with the disavow file.

Here is John’s tweet, lovely typo of course, but we all make those:

So go ahead, remove links from your disavow file if you want to see if they will count – but it is hard to know if Google is really counting those links.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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