Traffic from Image’s Swipe to Visit feature now appears in Search Console

Visitors that arrive on your pages via Google Image’s to Visit feature are now accounted for in under the new “AMP on Image Results” search appearance, Google announced Wednesday.

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Why we should care

Image search is one way publishers can draw traffic to their websites and Swipe to Visit may make it easier for users to move from Image search results to your pages.

Having Search Console data on how users arrive on your site can help you optimize for their journey and inform your SEO and overall business strategy.

To see the data, login to Google Search Console, click on the performance reports and select “Image” from the “Search type” filter.  Then click “+ New” and click on “Search appearance” and select “AMP on Image result” from the menu.  This will show you click and impression data for the Swipe to Visit feature in Google Image Search.

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