10 Core Foundations for a Great Customer Experience

Customers in today’s marketplace have high expectations whenever they engage with a business. Time is a commodity in today’s world, and if anyone spends this commodity by engaging with your venture, their satisfaction, and providing them with a good experience becomes the utmost priority. Customer experience software is becoming an essential possession for every enterprise. Incorporating the core foundations of serving your customers for excellent customer experience, is hence, what makes or breaks the success of your venture.

  1. Reflecting Customers Identity

    Customers prefer to engage with brands, businesses, or ventures that reflect their identities or beliefs. Taking the extra step of showing awareness to the customers’ identities and reflecting them when they are engaging with you not only reinforces their confidence with you but also makes them a loyal customer.

  2. Aiming for Higher Objectives

    As Theodore Levitt once said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole in the wall.” Understanding the end-game of the reason the customer is engaging with you will help you serve them better. This functionality can be improved by taking feedbacks from the customers through a customer feedback app, which can tell you if you succeeded in helping them attain what they were aiming for by engaging with you.

  3. Say No to Chances

    Prioritizing a handful of important or high-level customers over the regular customers, and leaving the regular customers’ journey to chance won’t help you grow in your field. Looking beyond serving only the high-level customers, a lot of doors open for you to serve and delight your regular customers, the trajectory of which can be recorded through a customer feedback software.

  4. Setting and Meeting Expectations

    Use advertisements, slogans, and marketing to set expectations of your customers. Meeting those expectations is, now, the most crucial part of your venture. Through a customer experience app, you can actively record if the customers are facing any issues which you can heed to, or if their expectations are being met.

  5. Seeing Time as a Commodity

    Yes, the customers are investing their valuable time with their engagement, but so are you. Being precise and improving the convenience of the customers by incorporating digital services like AR can significantly assist you and your customers, hence, enhancing their customer experience.

  6. Being Crystal Clear

    The one thing that every customer hates is getting stressed out due to their engagement with any venture. Avoid these stressful situations by making the customers’ choices easy, keeping them informed about their journey and options, and attending to them whenever they seem confused or are dissatisfied with your services. Dissatisfaction can be tracked through good customer experience software.

  7. Indulging Customers’ Primary Senses

    The main reason why customers engage with your venture is that they seek satisfaction. This satisfaction is sensory, and only comes in when they have an engaging and fulfilling experience that satiates any of their five primary senses. The senses can be calculated and assessed by taking feedback from customers through a customer feedback app, which can help you chart out good plans for enhancing the customer experience.

  8. Engagement

    Cultivating personal relationships with the customers and making them feel welcomed and needed is often overlooked by ventures. Engaging with the customers and being friendly encourages them to return to your venture. This aspect increases customer loyalty and improves your brand image.

  9. Autonomy and Control

    Autonomy and control is a psychological aspect of every human being. Feeling free and in control makes the customers feel a sense of grandeur, and increases their satisfaction. Letting them decide what products they buy, how much they spend, and how much they need the product enables them to be in their happy zone. The “happy zone” or comfort will ultimately improve your customers’ experience.

  10. Validating Customers Emotions

    Customers are often very willing to give their feedback after their engagement with a business, especially if they are satisfied or disappointed. Through customer feedback software, you can track which customers were not satisfied with your services, and work out why they faced issues with validating their feedback. When you validate your customer, they will not only return, but they’ll feel their emotions were considered and worked upon, improving your brand image.


Enhancing the customer experience has become essential in today’s market. But these foundations don’t incorporate themselves. A good customer experience software should be engaging, modernized, and rewarding. The growing use of customer feedback software in this regard is noteworthy as it provides a direct and personalized link with the customers.

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