Persistent 5xx Result In Slower Crawling But Won’t Say How Many URLs Required

Google’s John Mueller said that 5xx error responses to Google’s requests by your server would result in Google slowing its crawl of your web site. John wouldn’t say if there is a specific percentage of your site’s that are required or a specific number. But he just said if Google sees 5xx errors, Google will slow how it crawls your site.

He said this in a Twitter thread. “Persistent 5xx’s would cause us to crawl than usual,” he said. He added that “Persistent errors can mask real errors though, so I’d clean that up.”

There is no limit to the number, he said “There is no limit, we’d just crawl slower.” But crawling slower might not be a bad thing he said “For some sites, crawling slowly is also fine. For others (eg, lots of updates), you might not be so happy with that. In short, …. it depends.”

Here are those tweets:

I say, if you see 5xx errors you probably want to fix them.

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